General Description of the Building

The Koriyama City Museum of Art is located in a broad expanse of land stretching from Koriyama city to Mount Adatara. The museum opened in November, 1992 (Heisei 4) and thanks to the lush greenery our objective of providing a place of quiet where many people can gather to feel refreshed is being achieved. In 1994 the museum was selected for the 35th BCS Architecture Award. At times and in various seasons we have sweeping views of exceptional beauty and the spacious garden provides a place of relaxation and recreation.

The permanent collection is built around 4 strong categories: 1. Works of the modern period by such British artists as, Turner, and Burne-Jones. 2. Meiji and Post-Meiji era Japanese modern artists. 3. Sato, Junshiro’s glass art, and crafts of other artists who are associated with the Koriyama City. 4. Engraved Books. We have collected the works of the British Modern period systematically and have assembled a collection to be envied both within and outside the country. We are continuing our expansion of this special collection and continue our research, exhibitions, education and various activities to popularize the museum.

General Description of the Building1
General Description of the Building2

Joseph Mallord William Turner, Calder Bridge, Cumberland exhibited 1810

130-2,Oyaji, Aza, Yasuhara-machi,Koriyama-city, Fukushima Pref 963-0666, Japan


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